10 Best WhatsApp Mod Applications with a variety of advanced features

WhatsApp Mod is often sought after by users who are bored using the official version of the WhatsApp application.

The reason might be simple.

Some are bored with the monotonous appearance of WhatsApp.

There are also those who are bored with the features, right?

And some of them want to try new things by installing the WhatsApp Mod application.

Well, because WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging application, the mod version is also quite a lot.

There may be hundreds of mod versions out there, from the popular to the unpopular.

And in this AndroidFolks article, I will recommend some of the best WhatsApp Mod Apk applications that you can use.


10 of the best WhatsApp Mod applications that you can install on Android

1. GBWhatsapp Apk

The latest WhatsApp mod 2018 that you can try to use on Android is an application called GBWhatsapp Apk.

GBWhatsapp is the best and most popular WhatsApp mod application to date.

Already many people use it and are very satisfy with the features it offers.

With the GBWhatsapp application, Friend AndroidFolks can log in using 2 WA accounts at once in one device.

So, it is perfect for those of you who want to separate between private WhatsApp and WhatsApp business or work.

Another advantage that we can get from GBWhatsapp is that your Android smartphone doesn’t need to be rooted first to use GBWhatsapp.

Unlike other WhatsApp mod applications that require you to root Android.

So it’s easier to use.

Not only is there a myriad of features, GBWhatsapp is also superior in terms of appearance.

GBWhatsapp provides a feature that is able to change the WhatsApp theme, so it is more interesting to use.

You also won’t get bored easily.

The following is a complete list of features available at GBWhatsapp:

  • Feature to hide chat
  • A feature for storing WhatsApp friends’ stories or stories , so you don’t need third-party applications anymore
  • Can make group names up to 35 characters
  • There are new emojis that are not on the official WhatsApp application, chatting is even more fun
  • Can send images up to 90 images at a time, for the official version of WhatsApp is only able to send 10 images at a time simultaneously. This feature is certainly very useful for those of you who often send pictures using WhatsApp.
  • You can send 100 documents at a time simultaneously
  • Can send videos of a large size, up to 50MB
  • Can display “online” status for 24 hours
  • On GBWhatsapp you can write status with characters up to 255, in the official WA application it is limited to 139 characters
  • Can change application icons and notification icons
  • You can lock the GBWhatsapp application and chat without using additional applications, your chat will be safer
  • More than 100 world languages ​​are available
  • Can be used to create many WA accounts in one cellphone
  • Can copy other people’s WhatsApp status to the clipboard
  • Easy to use privacy features, such as blue check, message typing, two ticks, and much more
  • There is a feature called Do Not Disturb (DND), with this feature GBWhatsapp will not receive messages until you deactivate the feature again
  • There is an automatic reply feature, you can also choose which groups and contacts can receive these automatic replies. Suitable for you who are managing an online store

Well, there were some features provided by the GBWhatsapp application.

AndroidFolks has also made several tutorials about GBWhatsApp, here are some of them:

Interested in downloading it? Click on the link below.

Download GBWhatsAPP APK

2. WhatsApp Plus

Just as the name suggests, WhatsApp Plus is a WhatsApp mod application that adds many new features to WA.

The new features offered are certainly not what you can get on the official WA application.

For those of you who don’t know yet, WhatsApp Plus is the first WhatsApp mod application made by a third party.

After the success of WhatsApp Plus, many others joined in creating the WhatsApp Plus application.

But amidst the many new WhatsApp mod applications coming in, WhatsApp Plus remains one of the best.

One reason is because WhatsApp Plus is always routinely developed and new features are added to each of its latest releases.

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One of the most interesting features of WhatsApp Plus is that we can see the status or stories of other people, but that person will not know that we have seen the WA status.

This feature is of course very useful for those of you who are stalking WA friends, ex or crush.

Another feature that is also similar to the features on GBWhatsapp is that you can lock secret conversations.

That way, your conversation is safe from other people who want to see it without your knowledge.

The following are some of the features available on WhatsApp Plus:

  • Friend AndroidFolks can send multiple files at once
  • You can also send large files, exceeding official WA
  • Can send large-sized audio and video to friends easily
  • You can choose certain contacts so you can’t see the WhatsApp status that you created
  • Can hide the “Latest seen” feature so other people don’t know that you just saw WA and read a chat from him
  • There are lots of emojis and emoticons on WhatsApp Plus that aren’t on the official WhatsApp app
  • There are manual settings to adjust the appearance of WhatsApp Plus
  • Can choose themes if you want to change the appearance to make it more attractive
  • Can lock chat with a password or password to make it safer

The WhatsApp Plus feature is really cool. Interested in downloading? You can use the link below.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

3. YoWhatsapp

Another WhatsApp mod application for Android with interesting features, YoWhatsapp.

YoWhatsapp can be an alternative for those of you who are tired of using GBWhatsapp or WhatsApp Plus.

By feature, YoWhatsapp has many features that are almost the same as the two best WhatsApp mod applications above.

Another advantage, you can use YoWhatsapp along with other official WhatsApp apps or WhatsApp mods.

Suitable for you who want to use a lot of WA accounts in one cellphone.

YoWhatsapp is also very safe, because besides using an end-to-end encryption chat mechanism, YoWhatsapp also provides a chat lock feature.

With this feature, no one can open your chat other than yourself.

The following are some of the features in the YoWhatsapp application:

  • There is a confirmation feature before you call someone via WhatsApp, this feature serves to prevent accidental calls
  • Friend AndroidFolks can send videos with a maximum size of 700MB
  • The appearance of WhatsApp can be changed thanks to the theme features
  • There are emojis from Android Oreo
  • There are additional features for the WA group, we can easily search for admin or group members
  • Features available for using old style emojis (optional)
  • There are features to hide that are sent from certain contacts

Pretty much not the cool features offered? If so, what are you waiting for. Download now via the link below.

Download YoWhatsApp

4. FM WhatsApp (Fouad WhatsApp)

If earlier with YoWhatsApp we could send videos up to 700MB in size, then with FM WhatsApp the size is bigger.

You can send video files up to 1GB in size. Crazy isn’t it?

Another advantage of the WhatsApp FM application is that there are many choices of themes.

In total there are more than 50 themes that can be used free.

Guaranteed you will never get bored using the WhatsApp FM application,

When compared with other mod applications, the WhatsApp FM is smaller.

The following are some of the superior features of WhatsApp FM:

  • Translations are available for several countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy
  • Can open Telegram links (by the way, on WhatsApp official can’t open links from Telegram because it’s blocked by WhatsApp, Inc)
  • Can chat without the need to save people’s numbers first to contact
  • A link preview feature is available in the chat screen
  • Can delete messages in a longer period of time than official WhatsApp
  • You can mark important messages with stars to make it easy to search again
  • Can see contact pictures in chat by clicking on contact names (more practical)
  • There are 50 themes that can be used free
  • Can hide and display online status
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To use FM WhatsApp, you can download the APK file below.

Download WhatsApp FM

5. WhatsApp MA

One of the highlights of WhatsApp MA is that it still brings a clean look like the original WhatsApp application.

So, even if you use WhatsApp MA, you will still feel using the original WhatsApp.

Of course with a variety of additional features.

In the WhatsApp MA application, there are some cool mods that you can activate. One of them is you can search for GIFs more specifically.

This feature does not yet exist in the official WA version or other WA MOD.

The following are some of the main features offered by WhatsApp MA:

  • Users can change application icons and notification icons, so they are more unique and different from your friends
  • If you want, you can copy the friend’s WA status to the clipboard
  • On WhatsApp MA, you will know which broadcast messages and messages are normal
  • The status of a friend that contains a link can you click easily
  • Friend AndroidFolks can write status more than 139 characters, and a maximum of 250 characters
  • With WhatsApp MA, you can send 90 images at a time
  • Can send 90MB videos, in WA it is only 16MB
  • Can continue to display online status even though it is not online
  • Can see media sent by friends without loading
  • If you are a group admin, then you can see statistics from the group that you manage
  • There are 17 check mark images and chat bubble so that the WhatsApp MA display is cooler
  • The ThemeServer feature is available to download and use the WhatsApp theme
  • Besides downloading themes from ThemeServer, you can also change themes manually
  • Many additional privacy features that will make your chat safer
  • There is a feature to hide “Last Seen”
  • WhatsApp MA is based on the official WhatsApp application version 2.17.146

Interested in using one of the best WhatsApp Mods?

Download WhatsApp MA

6. WhatsApp Prime

The next WhatsApp Mod application that is included in the AndroidFolks list this time is WhatsApp Prime.

Similar to other WhatsApp Mod applications, WhatsApp Prime is also equipped with dancing features that are not on the official application.

One of the things I like most about the WhatsApp Prime application is the ability to send full-size photos or images.

Indeed, in the official WhatsApp application similar features are available.

But its use on WhatsApp Prime is much easier.

Not only that, here is a series of WhatsApp Prime features that you must know:

  • The application size is quite small, only 15MB
  • Can copy the WhatsApp friend status, just tap on the desired status, it will immediately exit the option to copy it
  • Telegram links are not blocked
  • Friend AndroidFolks can easily zoom in on your own profile photo
  • When copying text messages, there is an option to eliminate time
  • Applications can be fully backed up using Titanium Backup (official version of WhatsApp cannot be backed up this way)
  • Reply options can be disabled
  • If you accidentally make a call when checking someone’s profile, you can delete the call so that it’s not on the person’s call list
  • Using the cool Teal Material display
  • Emoji Material is available, which is emoji in the Facebook Messenger application
  • The maximum video that can be sent increases to 70MB (only 16MB in number)
  • Image delivery is no longer compressed, so the image sent is of good quality
  • Can send up to 300 images at a time (official WhatsApp only limits 10 images per send)
  • Can make captions with a maximum of 4000 characters

You can download WhatsApp Prime via the link below:

Download WhatsApp Prime

7. WhatsApp Indigo

Some of the above WhatsApp Mod applications may not be compatible with the Android smartphone that you are currently using.

Now, as an alternative, you can use WhatsApp Indigo.

WhatsApp Indigo has features that are no less complete and interesting compared to some of the WhatsApp Mod applications above.

Some features that I think are pretty cool include the option to lock certain chats with patterns , hide blue ticks, and others.

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To find out what are the full features of this Apk ApkApp Mod application, you can read more below:

  • For those of you who are pretentious mysterious, there is an option to deactivate the two check marks and also the blue check so that the chat opponent does not know if you have read the message
  • Can activate the status online for 24 hours
  • Can deactivate “typing / recording” in chat
  • Media file sending is increased to 72MB
  • Want to send high-quality images? Yes, because there are features on WhatsApp Indigo
  • Can make chat shortcuts like on official WhatsApp applications, so you can contact people quickly
  • Can delete recent emoji, which is the emoji you used recently
  • Can save chat instead of deleting it
  • Friend AndroidFolks can choose text from messages and status more easily and quickly
  • A feature is available to hide the call button on WhatsApp contacts, so there will be no “wrong call”
  • Can hide dates and names so other people can’t see them

To download the latest version of WhatsApp Indigo you can click the link below:

Download WhatsApp Indigo

8. HMWhatsApp

Among the WhatsApp Mod applications above, HMWhatsApp Mod may be a newcomer.

But Friend AndroidFolks need not hesitate to try it, because HMWhatsApp also provides lots of interesting features like other WhatsApp Mod.

The following are some features of HMWHatsApp:

  • The application icon can be changed according to taste
  • The notification icon can also be changed
  • Can download stories and status of your friends without additional applications
  • You will be able to differentiate between personal messages and broadcast messages
  • The number of characters that can be written in status is 250 characters
  • Image delivery is increased to 90 images in one send
  • Single video sending was increased to 50MB
  • Can know the message delivery statistics that you send to a WA group
  • Built-in translate feature is available

Please download the HMWhatsApp application via the download link below.

Download HMWhatsApp

9. WhatsAppMD

The next WhatsApp Mod Apk is quite interesting to use AndroidFolks buddy is an application called WhatsAppMD.

What are the advantages of WhatsAppMD compared to other mod applications?

Many! The following are some of them:

  • The toolbar can be hidden so that the application’s appearance is cleaner
  • Profile photos can be hidden from certain contacts
  • Custom themes that can be used free
  • Some privacy features that can be activated and deactivated
  • There is an option to activate the floating action bar
  • Some application display elements can be adjusted

Currently WhatsAppMD has reached version 3.0, you can download this application via the link below.

Download WhatsAppMD

10. WhatsApp Gold Edition

One more WhatsApp Mod application that you can try AndroidFolks if you are bored with the official WhatsApp.

The name is WhatsApp Gold Edition.

Even though the name is too wide, this one WhatsApp Mod application has some cool features.

The following are some of the features on WhatsApp Gold Edition that might be interesting for you to use:

  • The maximum video size that can be sent is 5GB (you can even send movies using this mod application)
  • Can set font used in conversation
  • Can change the theme as you wish
  • There are many additional emojis that are not available on the official WhatsApp application
  • Can send full quality photos without comment
  • Can send photos and videos without restrictions
  • There is a feature to deactivate the audio, video and voice call options
  • Can preview pictures of friend posts before downloading

How, quite interesting, not the features offered by WhatsApp Gold Edition?

You can download the apk directly from the link below

Download WhatsApp Gold Edition


Well, there he was, some of the best WhatsApp Mod applications that you can use on Android.

The best article about the WhatsApp Mod application list will continue to be updated by adding other WhatsApp Mod applications.

So, keep watching this article.

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