2 Applications For Restoring Deleted Photos On Android

2 Applications for Restoring Deleted Photos on Android – You may have lost media content such as photos and videos that you saved on your device, either because they were accidentally deleted or incorrectly pressed when selecting photos.

Indeed, to restore deleted photos on Android is not as easy as restoring lost files on a PC. But you don’t need to worry, you can still return the photos and videos using the help of the application.

Then, what applications can we use? Check out more below.

2 Applications for Restoring Deleted Photos on Android

1. Restore Image

You can get this application for free on the Google Play Store. After you have finished downloading the Restore Image application and successfully installed it on your device, then open the application.

Next select the option you want to restore search image (look for the photo you want to return). After finishing selecting the photos you want to return, click the restore image button found in the lower left corner.

Thus, the photo will return to your device because it is automatically saved in the Restore Image folder. But unfortunately, this application cannot restore all deleted photos.

2. Google Photos

Every Android device has a default photo processing application, the Google Photos application.

To restore deleted photos on Google Photos, it’s easy, by tapping the icon in the top left corner. After that, select the Trash menu , then select the photo file that you want to return.

Then tap the three-point icon in the top right corner and select the Restore option . Later your photo file will automatically return to the original folder.

This Google Photos application can restore photos that were deleted in less than 60 days.

Well, that’s how to easily restore deleted photos on Android, good luck!

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