2 Easy Ways To Capture The Screen On Vivo V15

How to Screenshot Vivo V15 / V15 Pro – As smartphone users, we are certainly used to using the screenshot feature on our device. Screenshots are often used as evidence or to store important information, which will then be saved in the image format.

Well, you will also find this basic feature on mobile phones made by Vivo , namely V15 and V15 Pro. The cellphone that is the successor to the V11 series comes with eliminating the notch and applying the elevating front camera technology.

Actually, how to screenshot on HP Vivo can be said to be very easy to do, unfortunately there are still many users who do not understand how to do it.

For that, see some easy ways you can do to take screenshots on the following Vivo V15 / Pro.

How to Screenshot Vivo V15 / V15 Pro with Button Combination

The first way to Vivo V15 screenshot is to use a key combination. This method can be done on all Android devices, but the key combinations needed are different on each device.

Well, to do a screenshot on Vivo V15 using a key combination, here are the steps:

  1. First, open the area that you want to disconnect on.
  2. Press the Power + volume down button simultaneously, then hold it for a few moments.
  3. If you hear the shutter sound and the display screen is shrinking, the screenshot has been successfully taken.
  4. To see the results, you can tap on the small screen display or directly open the Gallery application.
  5. Finished.

Screenshot with the S-Capture feature

Vivo V15 / Pro uses Android Pie with the Fun-touch OS 9 interface which is equipped with many interesting features. Vivo also provides a special feature for capturing screens, namely S-capture. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Determine the area you want to screenshot
  2. Open the Control Center by sweeping the screen from the bottom up
  3. Select the S-Capture menu, then select screenshot mode (Rectangular, Funny Screenshot, Long screenshot)
  4. After selecting the screenshot mode, it will automatically take a screen shot
  5. After sounding the camera shutter’s distinctive sound and there is a smaller screen display, you have successfully taken a screenshot of the screen.
  6. You can see the results by tapping the thumbnail or directly visiting the Gallery.

Well, that’s how Vivo V15 / V15 Pro screenshots are. You just need to adjust the method that you use according to your needs. May be useful!

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