3 Easy Ways To Clone Applications On An Android Smartphone

How to Clone Applications on an Android Smartphone – You may have more than one social media account. Usually each account is used for different purposes, the main account is for personal interests and others for business, shopping, and also stalking .

3 Easy Ways To Clone Applications On An Android Smartphone

Well, from being tired of repeating the log out and log in process every time you want to change your account, you can use the application cloning trick. This method is quite easy to do on an Android device.

In the process, the application you want will be duplicated and not limited to social media applications only. Once this duplicate application is created, you can now log in using a different account easily, without bothering to log out and log in repeatedly.

Then, how do you clone applications on an Android smartphone ? see the full method below.

How to clone applications on Android devices

1. Parallel Space

The first application to duplicate applications is Parallel Space. Besides the attractive interface design, the use of Parallel Space is also quite easy.

You can use this application if you want to access the same application with a different account. You can clone all applications, later in the clone application there will be a “+” sign that informs you that it is the cloned version.

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Interestingly, the cloned application will also get updates from the Google Play Store so you don’t have to be afraid to miss the version, or have to bother to re-clone. In addition, applications that have been duplicated can also be shared via the internet, FTP, or bluetootheasily.

Download Parallel Space here.

2. Cloner app

With functions similar to Parallel Space, App Cloner is able to easily duplicate applications. However, what makes it superior compared to Parallel Space, App Cloner has an icon setting feature that will be displayed. Customizing the appearance of these icons includes flip icons, rotate icons, changing the color of icons, and so on.

The Cloner app is popular enough to clone instant messaging and social media applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, BBM, LINE, Telegram, and so on.

In addition to the icon customization feature, App Cloner also has other features such as changing app permissions, and others.

Download the Cloner App here.

3. 2Face

Well, the third choice for those of you who are confused about how to clone applications on an Android device is the 2Face application. Indeed, this application does not have as many features as App Cloner, but can be relied upon in the matter of duplicating applications with low error or bug levels.

When compared with Parallel Space and App Cloner, 2Face has the advantage of using a relatively more efficient battery. In addition, there is also a cloned application locking feature to protect your privacy when a smartphone is borrowed by a friend.

Download 2Face here.

The three applications above can be relied upon in the matter of cloning an application easily. You only need to do a few clicks, then you can access multiple accounts in certain applications simultaneously.

Well, that’s how to easily clone apps on an Android smartphone. Good luck.

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