4 Biggest 5G Controversies, Only A Gimmick!

The development of cellular telecommunications is now in the transition phase to newer generations. However, there is a lot of 5G controversy that makes people wonder. What are the controversies? Check out more!

Along with the development of cellular and internet telecommunications technology, now a new generation of internet has emerged with more sophisticated and super-fast technology.

What’s more, if it’s not 5G , the cellular telecommunications technology that is predicted to have internet speeds reaches 20Gbps.

Many people have speculations and their own opinions about the existence of 5G technology and the various controversies that surround it.

Is 5G available? When will this technology be implemented in Indonesia?

Check out the full 5G technology controversy below!

5G controversy

5G or Fifth Generation is the term from the next telecommunications standard, or more easily is the next generation of 4G. The letter G in the word 5G means generation or generation.

Quoted from PC Magazine, the first cellular telecommunications technology called 1G, which uses analog cellular technology, better known as AMPS and TACS.

Then came the 2G which became the first digital cellular technology in 1991. 2G uses CDMA, GSM, and TDMA technologies.

In 1998, the next generation emerged which became the third generation of cellular telecommunications. 3G uses EVDO, HSPA, and UMTS technologies that are able to provide internet speeds ranging from 200kbps.

In 2008, the fourth generation of cellular telecommunications was developed and first appeared commercially in 2009 in Norway and Sweden.

The technology used by 4G is WiMAX and LTE. This technology that until now you use on cellphones.

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Now the development of the latest generation has been started using the 5G radio system, which is called 5G-NR (5G New Radio).

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project or 3GPP then calls all technologies that use 5G-NR as 5G.

5G technology itself is not compatible with 4G, so all 5G devices are expected to have 4G technology.

This is used so that HP can switch to 4G networks if it is in a location that does not support 5G networks.

The development of 5G technology is now becoming increasingly evident. However, there are still various questions about this cellular telecommunications.

Come see more:

1. Availability of 5G Cellular Telecommunications

The development of 5G seems mature and ready to launch commercially. Quoted from Tom’s Guide, Verizon turned on the 5G network in parts of Chicago and Minneapolis in April 2019.

This service can only be enjoyed with special devices that support 5G. Examples such as Moto Z3 5G Mod are specially made.

Locations that support the 5G network are still few and far from perfect. The signal from 5G provided is still not stable and only covers certain areas.

Verizon, said that there are already 20 cities that will get a 5G network in 2019.

5G existence in Asia

Quoted from LifeWire, 5G connectivity in Asia is only a few regions that have been tested 5G.

In the regions of Korea and China, several technology companies have placed 5G technology in several major cities

However, 5G still cannot be enjoyed commercially by users. Why?

There is no technology company that provides 5G network technology support for HP. It’s easy like this, you have a cellphone that supports 5G but there isn’t any carrier card that supports it .

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Quoted from The Verge, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is a cell phone without a network. This exclusive mobile is sold by Verizon in the US.

Although Verizon has announced that it has opened 5G networks in several regions. However, there is no 5G technology support provided for the HP itself.

Even though Verizon might argue that it already has a 5G network, it doesn t have a 5G network for phones - The Verge

Chances are, 5G technology will begin to enter the commercial stage and be used by the community in 2020. What do you think, gang?

2. 5G tissue radiation

3G, 4G, Air Pollution, Antenna – Aerial, Computer Network

Beyond the trend of 5G networks at high speed, are there negative things that will be produced ?

Quoted from Eluxe Magazine, 5G technology causes radio frequency radiation or radiofrequency radiation (RFR).

In 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer stated that RFR can cause 2B carcinogens which will trigger brain tumors.

In addition, several studies mention the danger of RFR used on cellphones:

  • Cancer
  • Oxidative damage
  • Cell metabolic disorders
  • Reduction of melatonin (insomnia)
  • Disorders of brain glucose metabolism

There are still many other potential side effects that can affect the human body due to RFR radiation. However, this influence is only as a potential, further research is needed on this matter.

What do you think?

3. Smartphones Support 5G

Smartphones that support 5G are indeed being developed, some of which will be released like the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Here are some phones that will appear in the future:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
  • Lenovo Z5
  • Sony Xperia XZ4

There are still many other smartphones that will come and support 5G technology . Are you interested in buying it in the near future, gang?

4. Is 5G Suitable in Indonesia?

The last is the use of 5G networks in Indonesia, can it be used in the country in the near future?

Like the discussion about 5G in Indonesia that Jaka mentioned earlier , the existence of 5G you cannot enjoy in the near future.

This is reinforced by the absence of government support related to the 5G network. There has been no trial or research conducted officially by the government.

On the other hand, Qualcomm Indonesia’s Senior Marketing Manager, Dominikus Susanto, thinks 5G is ready in Indonesia.

Once there is, there are not necessarily many Indonesians who are interested in being users. Quoted from Eji Insight, the 5G internet data package in Finland is in the price range of 50 euros, or equivalent to Rp790 thousand per month.

Are you willing to pay internet for Rp700 thousand per month?

The final word

That’s the 5G controversy that you should know. Don’t let you be mistaken about the existence of 5G and its current development, huh.

Write your opinion in the comments column. See you in the next article!

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