Factory Way And Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy M30

There are a number of reasons why Android smartphone users need to reset their device to factory settings. It could be because there are too many applications so that performance slows down, or users download the latest updates but instead some of the device functions have problems.

The most common reason for resetting the device to factory settings is when selling a smartphone. Of course so that the privacy stored in the device can be safe from the new owner.

Important : Before you start resetting, you should know that doing a factory reset will delete all Android phone data. For that, you should back up all your data such as contacts, documents, photos and other media files.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy M30

  1. Open Settings then enter General Management
  2. Tap the Reset menu , then select Factory Data Reset
  3. Then tap the Reset button then select Delete All
  4. Wait for the process to complete.
  5. If so, then the Samsung Galaxy M30 will boot back to the factory default settings.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy M30

Hard reset through recovery mode can be one method that is worth trying to solve the problem of a locked device (due to forgetting patterns, PIN, Password) or that cannot boot (bootloop).

  1. Turn off your Galaxy M30 first.
  2. Then enter Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the Volume key up + the Power Button together until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  3. If an Android robot image appears with the words “No Command”, tap the screen to continue.
  4. After successfully entering Recovery mode, point the highlight to the wipe data / factory reset menu, select Yes to confirm.
  5. Wait for the reset process to finish, then select the reboot system menu now .
  6. The device will boot and all device data and settings will return to the factory.
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For more details, you can see the video on how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy M30 below ( Credit: Meziani ): 

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