Google Foldable Smart Phones Coming?

Earlier this year, we saw two foldable smartphones from the two largest smartphone manufacturers . Samsung ‘s Galaxy Fold and Huawei ‘ s, Mate X ‘ was the first of the foldable phone world . These devices can be opened to view the larger screen similar to the tablet. However, they are quite thicker than standard smartphones.

If we think of them as the first generation devices, a better approach may arise in hardware and software in the new generation devices. In addition to Samsung and Huawei, several Chinese manufacturers , such as Xiaomi and OPPO , have presented at least the prototype versions of their foldable smartphones.

Today, the report comes from CNET. According to CNET , Google has also been working on a foldable smartphone. It’s on the latest Android Q Beta foldable phone, recently released by Google . However, the company has not yet made a clear statement for the foldable smartphone.

From a hardware point of view, Google has never been better in the hardware section. Flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have encountered many problems. Even users complained that Google Pixel 3 showed a yellowish tint on the AMOLED screen .

The company, such as Huawei and Samsung, may have better options to take the next step in the foldable smartphone category. Unlike Apple , Google doesn’t have the advantage of delivering apps designed for tablets in collapsible smartphones tablet mode.

Even when the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was released, the curved display was not perfect. After a few iterations, the double curve displays on the latest smartphones gave a flawless experience. Samsung was supposed to launch the Galaxy Fold smartphone in the US in May.

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The company extended its due date indefinitely after the problems were exhibited. In short, it is not known exactly when it comes, but it is necessary to make some more improvements in order to have an excellent experience.

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