How to Download and Install Fouad WhatsApp Mod on Android

Whatsapp is the chat application with the most number of users in the world. Currently, anyone who has a smartphone, it is certain to install this one chat application. Whatsapp is a very simple chat application, but still has the main features that are really needed by users, namely for communication needs.

Because the features are quite simple, some people feel less satisfied with the features that are available. Finally there are various whatsapp mods or whatsapp modifications that offer several features that are not available on the original whatsapp apk.

There are lots of whatsapp mods that you can download and download via the internet.

Starting from GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp plus, YoWhatsapp, and one of the mods that we will discuss this time is Fouad whatsapp mod. What distinguishes it from whatsapp mod is the person who created the modification and some additional features.

Fouad whatsapp mod is a mod developed by Fouad Mod. Fouad whatsapp mod is one of the mods recommended by many users, if indeed you & sista want to use the modified version of whatsapp. The main reason is the development team, fouad mod, is actively updating the Fouad whatsapp application version.

For this reason, you don’t need to worry about whatsapp mod being used is actually ‘out of date’ rather than the original whatsapp. Because the use of whatsapp mod itself is one step ahead of the original whatsapp users, so users have the impression of being ‘cooler’.

Immediately, on this occasion, we will discuss information, features along with the download link fouad whatsapp mod or you can also download whatsapp mod apk on SUDOWAY.ID .

Fouad WhatsApp Mod Features

Currently Fouad Whatsapp mod has updated their version to version 7.90 which is a modification of base whatsapp version 2.19.34. You could say, fouad whatsapp is an updated whatsapp mod so that new features in the original whatsapp have been added to whatsapp fouad.

Here are the details of new features plus the main features of the WhatsApp mod vou.90

New Features:

  • [Exclusive] Knowing the Deleted Status
  • [Exclusive] Custom Online Toast. Activate for certain people (find in profile contacts)
  • + Meeting mod to pause the internet on the WhatsApp app only.
  • + Change the pending date of the message in the color story.
  • + Change the circle status color that you have seen.
  • + Change the color ciscle status that has not been seen.
  • + Option to show / hide muted story updates.
  • + Option to show / hide update stories that have been seen.
  • + Option to show / hide the latest strategic updates.
  • + Option to show / hide frequently contacted contacts.
  • + Option to show / hide other contacts.
  • + Option for the latest show / hide Chat.
  • + Option to pin group descriptions into chat. (menu point not chat >> Group Desc)
  • + Change the color of the deleted message icon.
  • + Support to download themes with home wallpaper from YoThemes Store
  • [Fixed] Problem with button saving status.
  • [Fixed] Status incorrect when saving status.
  • [Fixed] Privacy calls that are not stored in the selection list.
  • [Fixed] images in chat that don’t work properly.
  • [Fixed] several crashes in conversation.
  • Fixed Bug etc.

Key Features of WhatsApp Mod Fouad:

  • Send sticker in conversation. Add stickers through the application from Google Playstore.
  • Option to show / hide frequently contacted contacts.
  • Option to show / hide conversations.
  • Option for show / hide Viewers story.
  • Option to show / hide story updates.
  • Re-add anti-delete story.
  • Know new messages deleted in chat (the anti-delete feature must be activated select Fouad mods >> Privacy >> Anti delete messages)
  • Swipe to reply to chat.
  • Group call.
  • Message label forwarded.
  • PiP – Watch youtube videos without closing whatsapp
  • Send documents up to 1GB.
  • Etc.

Download the Latest Version of Fouad WhatsApp Mod Apk 2019

In the following download link, there are several versions available that you can choose, here is an explanation of each version:

Non Clone Version: Has packagename (com.whatsapp) so that if you install this version, you must delete the original whatsapp installed on pagan & sista.

Warning: Don’t forget to backup the chat on your old WhatsApp before uninstalling it, so that you can restore all chat back to whatsapp fouad later.

Clone Version: Has packagename (com.fmwhatsapp) so that fouad can be installed without the need to uninstall old WhatsApp. So that later on the cellphone Agan & Sista there are 2 whatsapp applications installed.

Application Information:

  • Name: Fouad Whatsapp
  • Version: 7.90
  • Update: March 2019
  • Size: 53MB
  • Developer: FouadMODS

Download Fouad Whatsapp mod non clone with emoji (com.whatsapp)

Download Fouad Whatsapp mod clone with emoji (com.fmwhatsapp)

How to Install Fouad Whatsapp Mod

  1. Download the newest RC fouad WhatAapp first, wait until the download is complete.
  2. If you have never installed any apk file, a warning box will usually appear that the installed application comes from an unknown source. Don’t worry, just click the settings >> security >> check the Unknown Sources column.
  3. After that, click the apk file that has been downloaded. Then click Install. Wait until the install process is complete.
  4. After you have finished installing, you can log in directly using Fouad Whatsapp Mod.

This is the information and download link for the latest Whatsapp mod mod 2019.

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