How to install WhatsApp Plus without deleting chats?

WhatsApp is an informal version of WhatsApp Plus is used by users who care about privacy. In this article, we talk about how to install WhatsApp Plus without losing chats.

How to install WhatsApp Plus without deleting chats?

WhatsApp Plus is an application developed on whatsapp we already use. Generally, the basic difference between the simple interface is to be faster and provide more privacy features. These features include PIN protection, logging, blue ticking, offline mode, and hidden voice recording.

In order to use all these features and the application, you must first completely remove WhatsApp. But in this case you have the risk of losing your previous chats. If you install WhatsApp Plus 2018 by following these steps, you can use the application without deleting your chats.

Install WhatsApp Plus without deleting chats

In fact, what we do is the same as WhatsApp’s classic backup. The following are the operations we will do:

  1. The first thing to do is to back up WhatsApp chats. Open WhatsApp and access the “Settings -> Chats -> Chat Backup” menu.
  2. If you have activated Chat Backup before, you need to make a backup in the last screen. If the backup feature is off, turn it on and start the backup process.
  3. You need to uninstall WhatsApp after the backup process is complete. You need to access the “Phone settings -> Applications” menu.
  4. After the removal process is finished, you are now ready to install WhatsApp Plus.
  5. Install the WhatsApp Plus APK file on your phone and complete the registration process. During the registration process, give you all the required permissions.
  6. After you install and register a member, the application will take you back to the screen where you will download the chat backup. When you restore your last backup by logging into your Google Drive account on this screen, you can start using WhatsApp Plus without deleting your chats.
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Installation of the application is simple. It’s like deleting and reinstalling WhatsApp, but this time you’re experiencing WhatsApp with more features, personalization and privacy options. As the WhatsApp Plus 2018 version is updated frequently, you can visit our site once in a while to download the latest version of the application.

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