How to Keep WhatsApp Always Online (Even if It’s Not Opened)

On WhatsApp we can know whether someone is online or not.

And vice versa, other people can know whether we are opening WhatsApp or not.

And for privacy reasons, WhatsApp provides an option to hide the online status.

Some people who want to know whether they are online or not usually disable it.

But unfortunately there is no option on WhatsApp to always be seen online.

Even though this feature is also very useful.

For example, for those of you who have an online store and use WhatsApp as their communication application.

By always being seen online, then prospective buyers will not hesitate to contact you.

But thanks to the GB WhatsApp application, we can now manage to keep WA profiles visible online.

How to Order WhatsApp Always Online

I did this tutorial using the GB WhatsApp application, please download the application here .

Immediately, here are the steps:

1. Download and install the GB WhatsApp application, then open the application. Select the GB Settings menu .

2. There will be many options that appear. Please swipe down and pay attention to the options one by one, select option 6. Modif Others . You might have a little trouble finding options, so you have to slow down and be observant.

3. Then activate option 6.5 Always offline .

4. A confirmation will appear to restart GB WhatsApp . Click OK to continue.

4. Finish.

Now everyone who sees your WhatsApp profile will always see the status “Online” even if you are not opening WhatsApp.

So they think that you are online.

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Additional Tips

The above settings that will make WhatsApp always online are very suitable to be activated in some circumstances.

For example, Friend AndroidFolks is an online shop owner , so activating the settings so that you are always online is very good.

When there are potential buyers who contact you and see WA you are online, they will not hesitate to ask or contact you.

Different if for example you don’t look offline, then there will be doubts about potential buyers to contact.

So it can be used for those of you who are busy building an online store.

The conditions under which the above settings are very useful are when you work as a customer service.

Whether it’s for services or services that you are pioneering yourself, or you are a CS from a company.

By continuing to look online, people who want to ask you are more confident.

But actually not only limited to the two things above.

Anyone and whatever the purpose, can use the features always online above.

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