How to know if my WhatsApp is HACKED intervened or spied

In addition to spying your activity on WhatsApp , it is also perfectly possible for someone to spy on your conversations . Even hack or intervene your communication by this application. But fortunately there are ways to know if this has happened and there is a respective solution.

Spying basically means that someone may be watching your WhatsApp . Generally, they have cloned or opened it in another device , and this is quite simple to do. A hack or intervention requires violating the security of the application to see your messages or manipulate them, something complex and very difficult to happen if you are a “conventional” person and do nothing illegal.

How to know if they are spying my WhatsApp

If someone is very interested in your life and took advantage of your carelessness, the most likely thing is that you are spying on WhatsApp Web . Surely you took your cell temporarily and in just a few seconds connected your WhatsApp account with a PC (or even with another cell phone), through the WhatsApp Web functionality .

By doing so, that person will have a “duplicate” or “clone” of your account on that other device. You will be seeing your WhatsApp messages on that computer ( and you can even answer them ), even if the cell phone is already in your possession.

The WhatsApp on your cell phone will work normally and as always. However, everything you send and receive will be reflected in that other device.

What do I do if they are spying on me on WhatsApp Web

If you see a notification like in the image above, alert. That means that your WhatsApp is cloned in  the way indicated above. If you were not the one who did it, they are definitely spying on you  and watching your messages.

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Fortunately, the solution is simple. Simply tap on that notification and on the next screen touch on “Close all sessions.” This way the spy will immediately lose access to your account.

To prevent this from happening again, configure the cell phone screen lock. That way, even if someone takes your phone, you can not access the WhatsApp application to connect it to another device via WhatsApp Web. Additionally you can block access to the application .

How to know if my WhatsApp is open on another device

Another way that you could spy on WhatsApp is activating the account on another device . Basically, they register your WhatsApp number in another mobile and during their configuration, they recover all your chats or conversations saved in the application. Someone can do this by taking your cell phone or SIM card for a moment. You only need to receive the verification code, and with it you can already see your WhatsApp on another computer.

In this case it is very easy to know if they are spying on WhatsApp. On your cell phone it will appear that this phone could not be verified because your phone number has been registered on another device.

The solution is obviously to use the “Verify” button to take control of the account again.

There is a sophisticated mode offered by WhatsApp to prevent this from happening again. It is the two-step verification system . When trying to activate your WhatsApp on another device, you will be asked for a security code that only you will know. Without that code it will be impossible for another person to register your WhatsApp on another computer.

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How to know if they hacked my WhatsApp

As we said at the beginning, it is very unlikely that your WhatsApp is hacked. However, it is good that you know some interesting things about this subject.

For example, in the event that a conversation becomes strange. An attacker could use the “Reply” or “Quote” option to alter the text of your messages . This is possible in private chats or even in groups, something that can be used to misinform or confuse members. However, it is very unlikely that this “bug” is exploited by someone, which is why  WhatsApp has said that it will not solve it .

As a preventive measure, it is important that you do not expose your WhatsApp number publicly. Previously you could hack and spy your chats just by answering a video call .

If you suspect that you were hacked by WhatsApp, there are a couple of things that  experts advise doing . For example, reinstall the application to generate a new record that forces the closure of sessions of other devices. You can also request temporary deactivation of your account at [email protected], claiming loss or theft of your device. You can reactivate your account up to 30 days later.

How to know if my WhatsApp is operated

WhatsApp ensures your communication with each contact, with a code or password. While both are handling the same code or code, you can rest easy. As WhatsApp indicates , nobody is intercepting your messages or calls with that contact. Your WhatsApp is NOT intervened .

Both people can verify on the conversation screen that they have the same code. In the menu (top right), select “View contact”. Finally touch on “Cipher”. The numbers that you see there must be the same in both phones.

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If your security code is different from your contact, your connection is presumably not completely secure and could be intervened. This can happen if the contact reinstalled WhatsApp or changed the phone (WhatsApp alerts with a notification if this happens). To solve this, send a message to the contact. This should force the reconfiguration of the same code for both. Verify that is so.

Leaving aside spies or hackers, authorities can also intervene people’s WhatsApp to detect terrorism and illegal activities such as drug trafficking. For example, in Germany, the police use Trojans to obtain WhatsApp chats or other device information remotely. Even evading the security of WhatsApp mentioned above.

Spy apps

For security, it is not enough to scan the cell phone in search of potentially spy applications that you may have installed. If there is one, uninstall it (unless it has a purpose for you, such as Cerberus, which serves to track the cell phone in case of theft ).

A good tool to perform this task is MalwareBytes . After scanning the phone, uninstall it to avoid performance problems or slowness. You can also use some of the antivirus we recommend.

Safe alternative to WhatsApp

According to experts , Signal is the safest messaging application that currently exists. Not only for the security it offers for communication, but also for the minimum amount of information it saves from its users.

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