How to play Fortnite with keyboard, mouse or joystick

The popular survival game Fortnite can be played with keyboard, mouse and joystick for Android. We explained in detail how to play this tip.

How to play Fortnite with keyboard, mouse or joystick

Fortnite, which is among the most popular games of recent times, can now be played on the Android platform. Playing the game alone is not very enjoyable for some players. For this reason, the producer has updated Epic Games and Phoenix Studio Fortnite to play with keyboard, mouse and joystick. You can play Fortnite with the keyboard – mouse duo or joystick by following the steps below.


Playing with Fortnite keyboard, mouse and joystick

To play this game through the keyboard and mouse, you need to download the latest version of the game. However, the keyboard, mouse or joystick you want to use wireless, that is, bluetooth supported. If you do not support bluetooth, you can use the compatible ‘USB multiplexer’ with your phone.

If the preparation phase is ok, let’s install:

  • Download and install the latest version of Fortnite by clicking on the link at the bottom of the article (you can skip this step if you installed the latest version before),
  • Then download and install the Octopus (64bit) for Fortnite app, which will allow you to play with your keyboard, mouse or joystick (application below),
  • Run the Octopus application that you installed. The application will automatically define the keyboard, mouse and joysticks you connect with bluetooth or USB multiplexer and prepare the game,
  • If it’s all done, you can start Fortnite from the Octopus interface and play the game.

One point to note here is the game’s key combinations. When you open Fortnite, Octopus is defined and new key combinations are shown to you. We recommend that you try not to enter the game before passing this step.

Connection failure solutions

Sometimes you get a connection error when connecting the keyboard, mouse, and joystick. In this case, make sure that the bluetooth is turned on if your devices are bluetooth supported. If you are connecting a keyboard, mouse, or joystick with a USB multiplexer, enter your phone’s settings and disable / disable the ‘USB Debug’ option from the ‘Developer Settings’ menu. The problem will improve.

What are Fortnite and Octopus compatible phones?

Fortnite and Octopus applications work on many phones with Android 4.4 and above. However, Fortnite is not particularly compatible with phones with low hardware capabilities. You can use the Fortnite Installer app to avoid this and find out if your phone is compatible with Fortnite. This application automatically scans your device and allows you to install Fortnite if there is no compatibility problem.

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