How to play PUBG Mobile on the computer? Detailed explanation

PUBG Mobile enthusiasts have good news: The game’s computer emulator is now available for download. We explained how to use the application and how to play PUBG Mobile on the computer.

How to play PUBG Mobile on the computer? Detailed explanation

Let’s give some information about the emulator before moving to the PUBG Mobile computer emulator installation. There are many different emulators to play the game on the computer, but almost all of them have performance problems. The emulator we will introduce you here is the Tencent team that officially developed the PUBG Mobile game . For this reason, the emulator is highly performing and allows players to play PUBG Mobile on the computer from where they stayed with all their data.

The installation process is very simple and usually you do not have any intervention. After the initial installation, the emulator performs all its installations and operations on its own. To install the emulator smoothly and experience PUBG Mobile on the computer, simply follow these steps carefully.

PUBG Mobile Computer Emulator installation phase

First of all, you need two things to play PUBG Mobile on the computer. The first is the computer and the second is the PUBG Mobile emulator. If the computer is OK, install the emulator by following these steps:

  1. Download PUBG Mobile emulator to your computer by clicking here  – it’s about 10 MB in size. If you want, you can also download it to the phone and then discard it to the computer. (Remember, the emulator only works on the computer, it is not possible to install it on the phone.)
  2. Run the emulator setup file and press the green ‘Install’ button.
  3. When the installation process is finished, the emulator will automatically start downloading the game engine. This step is important because the emulator is downloading itself by detecting the appropriate game engine for your computer. Wait for installation without any intervention. This installation takes about 5 minutes.
  4. After the game engine is installed, the emulator will again download the PUBG Mobile installation file. Never discontinue about 1 GB of files when downloading. If the game does not work and you need to re-install the emulator to reinstall it.
  5. After the installation file is installed, everything is OK. Now PUBG Mobile is installed on your computer and you can play it whenever you want.

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There is almost no difference in the PUBG Mobile computer version. So, what features are available in the phone or tablet version of the game, they come to the computer. This includes the Turkish language option. After running the game through the emulator, you can change the language option from the settings menu in the right side to Turkish.

The PUBG Mobile is definitely the most efficient solution for players because the PUBG computer version requires heavy system requirements. In addition, the game continues with all the data on the mobile is a feature not available for players.

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