How to use Private Number Mobile Oppo

How to Private Number Mobile Oppo – Hi guys congratulations to meet again on our blog, the latest information sharing blog. Dear friends, of course you are familiar with smartphones, which have become increasingly popular in Indonesia lately.

yes, OPPO. This Chinese brand of smartphone has a main feature, which is a pretty good quality camera that is suitable for today’s millennials who like to do selfies. This feature is what might make smartphones increasingly in demand in Indonesia.

Many other features that OPPO has in addition to the quality of the camera that is suitable for selfie. One of them is the private number feature that maybe there are still a lot of OPPO cellphone users who are still asking how is the OPPO private number. More information will be discussed as follows.

What is Private Number

Maybe some OPPO cellphone users still don’t understand private numbers. The private number if we define it is the Personal Number. So a private number is a feature found on an OPPO cell which has a function to hide the user’s HP OPPO number when making outgoing calls.

So by using the private number feature when making an outgoing call, someone who receives a call cannot see the OPPO cellphone number that made the call. This means that the caller’s number will not be known even invisible because the caller’s number has been hidden.

How to Private Number on an Oppo

There are many reasons why someone wants to hide their cellphone number when making outgoing calls. Including you may have certain reasons, but regardless of that we will share how to do the OPPO private number.

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Hopefully the OPPO users can use this private number feature wisely. Here we will tell you how to hide your cellphone number when the HP OPPO users make an outgoing call.

  • Open the ” Settings ” menu on your friends’ cellphones. Then choose the ” Call ” option and then look for the Settings option Related to Outgoing Calls .
  • Next choose ” Additional Settings ” and then choose which number will be the private number. You can choose SIM1 or SIM2.
  • Then choose the section on ” Caller Number “.
  • Finally you can choose ” Hide Number “. So until this stage you can make a call out with the private number.

Easy isn’t it! when you have a specific goal why you want your number not visible when making outgoing calls, then you can do the steps mentioned above.

Hopefully the above methods can help you in doing a private number when outgoing calls. You can apply the methods above to almost all OPPO brand smartphones. Maybe there will be a slight difference in each OPPO brand cellphone, just a little adjust.

OPPO smartphone brands that can use the private number above include: OPPO F1 and F1s, Oppo N1 Mini, OPPO F3 and F3 Plus, Oppo N3, OPPO A37, Oppo Yoyo, Oppo A59, Oppo Find 5 Min, Oppo R9 Plus, Oppo Joy Plusi, Oppo F1 Plus, Oppo Mirror 3, Oppo A53, Oppo A33, Oppo Neo 5s, Oppo Neo 7, Oppo R7 Plus, Oppo R7s, Oppo Joy 3, Oppo R7 Lite, Oppo Mirror 5, Oppo R5s, Oppo Mirror 5s, OPPO Neo 5 R1201 and other OPPO brand smartphones.

That is what we can share a little information about the way the private number of the OPPO cellphone. Hopefully it can be used wisely. Sorry if there are shortcomings. May be useful. Aamiin.

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