offers root on Android 4.4, 5.0, 5.1, etc. (APK) is the official website where you can download Kingroot APK to get root permissions  on Android 2.0 or higher. But beware! This application has been accused of having viruses or malware.

Kingroot ( do not get confused with Kingo Android Root) is a APK of Chinese origin that allows you to be root from the same phone, without having to use a computer or PC in between. The old version 4.o included support for Android 4.4, 5.0 and 5.1. The new version 5.3 will surely support the superior Android systems. On official website says to support more than 100,000 devices, including Samsung, Huawei, LG and others.

Download, Install and Use Kingroot

As it is an installable APK, you just have to install this file on your phone and run it (it is downloaded from ).

The application is in Chinese but it seems intuitive enough. Just press the root button that will appear at the bottom. Wait for the process to end and nothing more.

The Root Checker application , available on Google Play, will allow you to easily verify whether the root was successful or not.

This video on YouTube  explains how to use Kingroot on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910V. You can also read how I rooted a BLU cell phone with Kingroot .

In order to install this APK you will have to enable the Unknown Sources in the Android ( Settings > Security ).

You can download Kingroot APK in

Kingroot is safe?

Unfortunately, this Chinese app KingRoot has been accused of having Malware and Adware. It is claimed that it makes irregular changes in the system and they can not be reversed. On this XDA-Developers page, AVG antivirus pages are referenced, where the analysis of Kingroot is assumed.

By using the online antivirus,  Kingroot is detected as a threat by some popular antivirus. In addition, Kingroot installs its own application to manage root permissions, called Kinguser (you can not choose to install SuperSU). When installed, KingRoot also has permission to do several things on the cell phone. For example, you can take photos and videos, view contacts and have full access to the network, among the most important permissions.

What can be said in favor of Kingroot is that it is not a new application. It takes a lot of time on the internet. As for malware, other root applications such as  TowelRoot or Framaroot  are also detected by antivirus. It is a common point of this type of applications. However, none of this makes us recommend this application, especially if it is going to be installed on a cell phone with sensitive data.

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