Steam Chat, follow your Steam conversations wherever you go

From this month we can download Steam Chat on our phones, the official platform app with which to talk with our friends and more.

Steam, like many other platforms, has its own chat system with which to chat with our friends or other players. Until recently, this was only possible through the client for PC or via the web; Now, the company has launched the Steam Chat app that we can download on our phones to stay in touch anywhere.

The application itself does not have much mystery, although it has everything expected. It is the desktop experience brought to the mobile terrain.

Steam chat lands in the mobile market to facilitate conversations with our playmates

Whether you use it as an instant messaging service or just at the time of playing – or to schedule a joint session – Steam Chat on your mobile offers some advantages over the PC version.

For example, if we are playing on the computer, we can use the app to communicate with colleagues. The application allows you to chat individually or in groups, being able to invite other users by sending them a link, among other options.

Similarly, in Steam Chat we will see what our contacts are playing and the last time they were active, as well as being able to access their profile to check data such as their level on the platform, their badges, their games, their recent activity , etc…

These contacts can be marked as favorites to be displayed at the top of the list of friends, so that it is easier to find them. Likewise, they give us the opportunity to personalize the notifications and sounds for each friend. On the other hand, we can establish ourselves as “disconnected” so that nobody can contact us even if we are online.

As for the chats themselves, there is no lack of elements such as emoji, inserting videos, tweets, GIFs and other multimedia. Everything we ask of a service of these characteristics nowadays (greetings to WhatsApp).

If you want to talk on Steam from your mobile, you have to download Steam Chat

There are few users who would have preferred all this deployment within the Steam app itself , instead of having launched an independent application (because of having another one occupying storage space).

Anyway, if you are one of those who use the platform chat, maybe it is worth it to download Steam Chat on your smartphone. The app is available for free for both iOS and Android.

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