The 5 Best Music Player Applications For Android

When we want to listen to songs that we store on our Android device, many are playing using Google’s default application, Play Music. Even though there are many other music player options that offer various features and with a cool design. Well, here are 5 of the best music player applications by .

Some of the following music player applications have a neat interface and are equipped with cool animations. Some also provide widget customization features to be placed on our Android homescreen.

Here are the 5 best music player applications that we can make an alternative to listening to songs on Android phones.

5 Best Music Player Applications


This application offers a display of interface design with bright colors. The album’s artwork is neatly arranged which can make us comfortable looking at it …

Some of the features include, we can set our own equalizer, download artwork, choose songs to be blacklisted or whitelist, and we can connect it to our account (if you have one).

2. Phonograph

This music player is almost the same as Spotify, only the difference between this application is to play songs stored in our storage, not connected to the internet (streaming). We can set our own themes and colors according to our character and mood that day.

3. Pulsar .

This application has a very minimalist appearance, almost the same as the interface of Google applications. Some of the features include setting the manual equalizer and synchronizing with the account. There are 3 choices of free themes that we can choose.

4. BlackPlayer

As the name implies, this application has a dark but elegant interface design. If we take a quick look, it looks similar to a Windows Phone. Song labels appear with a large enough size and are placed in a strategic place by the developer. The song list display was made with a neat design.

We can take advantage of the Gapless Playback feature, which is a feature that can play one song and the next without pausing. We can also set the font type and theme we use, specifically for the ‘Now Playing’ page, we can customize the design according to the character we like.

5. Retro Music Player .

Not as the name implies, this application appears with a more modern design. The design is almost similar to Spotify, but users are given the freedom to set their own desired theme.

The ‘ Play ‘ button is adjusted to the feel of the music album so that it looks cool. For now the Retro Music Player application is still in beta, but it’s still interesting to try.

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