The best tricks to take advantage of Amazon’s assistant Alexa

The voice assistant Alexa is one of the most complete that exists today and is present in a large number of products, both Amazon and other manufacturers (an example are smart bulbs ). We show several tricks to give you the best possible use from the first moment.

The truth is that the use of this tool offered by Amazon makes it possible to perform many actions easily and without having to make any manipulation of the devices that integrate Alexa , which they see from smartphones to smart speakers. The case is that everything points to the implementation of the attendees is an unstoppable process that aims to improve the lives of users both in their homes and outside them. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies such as Google’s well-known online store bet in a determined way for its development.

Very useful tricks to use with Alexa

If you are a new user of this voice assistant or have been with him for a while now – but feel that you do not realize his full potential – then we leave several tricks that surely allow you to make the most of it. And, in addition, all of them are simple to use and do not put at risk the stability of Alexa.

Control your calendar appointments

This is a basic when using Alexa, because if you have properly configured your smartphone calendar, the assistant can quickly access what you have scheduled. So, while you’re having breakfast simply by saying Alexa, what do I have on the calendar? The answer can be updated to the date of the pending appointments.

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Always with the updated news

This is something that not many know, but if you configure the mobile terminal application with the news sources that you like, it is possible that the Amazon voice assistant, when you indicate Tell me the news of the day , start with the reading of the more interests there are for you. This is really useful and comfortable.

Program actions as a reminder

If you are one of those who has a lot of memory, Alexa is an excellent tool that allows you to set reminders to be listened to at a predetermined time. With the command Alexa, remember me (here the action to be performed) at the desired time -an example is remember me to put the TV the ten-, you will see that the assistant answers you with the confirmation of this action. Ideal for the most forgetful children.

The best tricks to take advantage of Amazon's assistant Alexa

Gives use to routines

This with the passage of time becomes essential when using the assistant. This option, which is configured in the application for telephones, allows to establish several actions when executing a command. An example is that if the programs, when indicating Alexa, good night , it is possible that the lights of houses are turned off, the alarm is connected and the alarm is set. Tremendously useful.

Listen to the radio thanks to Alexa

A function that is not very used but that is interesting. At a time when you want to listen to the radio, the assistant is an excellent option since having access to the Internet makes it possible to access a large number of well-known options in different countries. And, in addition, everything is really simple since you simply have to say Alexa, put (and then the desired station) . Simple, without a doubt.

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