The MOST SOLD mobile phones in the world

If you are not up to date in the world of cellular technology and you are thinking about acquiring a mobile phone, it might be a good idea to start by knowing which cell phones or brands are ahead in global sales. If they sell more, they should be doing things right. And it will always be better to buy a cell phone from a recognized brand, than a counterfeit or clone that nobody is going to respond to and that we do not recommend buying in any way.

The most stubborn competitors in all segments of smartphones are Samsung, Apple and Huawei. With a little distance appear the other brands, as you can see in their market shares of the last quarter of 2018.

The iPhone XR and XS are two of the most sold cell phones in the world.

If you are not familiar with the term market share, it means that if 200 cellular phones were sold in the market and Samsung sold 100, this company would have a 50% share. Obviously, in reality the numbers are in the order of tens of millions of devices.

Market shares by brands

  • Samsung: 18% (69.8 million units)
  • Apple: 17%
  • Huawei: 15%
  • Oppo: 8%
  • Xiaomi: 7%
  • Live: 7%
  • Motorola: 2%
  • Others: 26%

In “Others” we can include approximately 600 other brands that share the remaining 26% of the market. 

Apple sells the most expensive smartphones on the market, and still sells more than any other manufacturer. It is barely surpassed by Samsung, but we must bear in mind that the latter has in the market many more models or lines of devices, with different price ranges.

High-end smartphones

  • Apple 51%
  • Samsung 22%
  • Huawei 10%
  • Oppo 6%
  • OnePlus 2%

Here you can clearly demonstrate what was said before. Apple only sells “premium” devices (in this study, premium means over $ 400) and when it comes to comparing this segment of the market (which is the one that generates more profit margin) sells much more than any other brand in the market. world. And that’s why Apple is one of the most valuable companies.

Sales by regions

By region, the sale of premium smartphones varies slightly from one to the other. Other recognized brands appear in addition to the one mentioned, according to the preference of the users. For example, in North America and Latin America there is presence of Motorola, Google and LG in the top 5. In Europe, OnePlus, LG and Google. Nokia and Sony appear in the Middle East. 

Best selling models

United States : iPhone XR, XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9

United Kingdom : iPhone XR and XS and interestingly appears in the top five the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus and J6 Plus.

China : Oppo A5, Vivo X23, Huawei Mate 20.

India : Xiaomi sells its Redmi 6A and the Note 6 Pro quite a bit here. Samsung appears again here with the Galaxy J4 Plus and J6 Plus.

Korea : Despite the dominance of Samsung in his country, Apple has the first place with its iPhone XS.

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