What Is The Function Of VPN On An Android Phone?

Android smartphone technology continues to grow over time. One feature that we often hear is a Virtual Private Android VPN. Then, do you know what the VPN function is on this Android?

Actually VPN or in Indonesian language is called virtual private network is a physical computer network that is interconnected using certain rules (protocols) so that they can be accessed privately on public networks.

What Is The Function Of VPN On An Android Phone?

In general, VPN functions to provide confidential data communication lines, keeping the data intact and safe, and ensuring the authenticity of the source of the data accessed.

Well, even though it has the same function for Android devices, it turns out VPN specifically can be used to do several things. Here are some VPN functions on Android.

VPN function on Android

1. Can Open Access to Blocked Services

For VPN functions, this is certainly already widely known by smartphone users. Thanks to a special VPN protocol, we can access various types of information confidentially.

Well, if the blocking party does not have the same protocol, then that party cannot know the contents of the data that is on the private network, including what sites or services are being accessed.

2. Providing Security When Surfing in the Maya

When an Android device is connected to a public network (for example Wi-Fi in the park or restaurant), data access to the device will be open. This of course can be used by those who are not responsible for hacking data on Android phones.

To avoid this, you should use a virtual private network or VPN. As explained above, VPN has a protocol that will encrypt data before data is accessed.

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3. Allows For Regional (Country) Switching

With VPN, Android users can easily move their local network to other countries’ local networks. This can be used to find the right server.

For example, to download a game that is still not available on the Indonesian regional Google Play Store.

Usually if too many users are accessing the same server or local network, there is a possibility of problems with the internet signal.

By using a VPN, technically you can move to another local server or network that is not accessed by many users.

But what needs to be considered, this does not apply if the signal problem is caused by the lack of signals received by the device, which can be due to the distance so that it is not well reached by  BTS (Base Transceiver Station) .

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